Effortless Wealth University teaches the skills and mindsets of prosperous living. As you learn to invest your energy into your wealth consciousness the more prosperity you will enjoy in your life - always and in all ways. - Try it and see!

Effortless Wealth University is based on the principles taught in the book Effortless Wealth - A guide for developing your wealth consciousness.

"This book is a must read, a new and fresh outlook on your life’s wealth journey. Be prepared to see things in a totally new light.

Easy-Does-It / WUW"

Effortless Wealth
Tantra of Prosperity

Tantra of Prosperity

This course is a magical combination of the Effortless Wealth teachings combined with the power of Tantra Yogic principles. Each lecture contains a building-block teaching, a tantric yoga asana practice, breathing and meditation techniques that reinforce the mental, emotional and physical aspects of cultivating true prosperity. Check it out!